Travel Retirement Gifts

Travel retirement gifts can be a great way to celebrate a retirement, especially if the new retiree is looking forward to spending his or her new found freedom traveling.

For many retirees, retirement means travel! And why not? Traveling is a great way to spend one's free time! So if you have a retiree who certainly has the travel bug and is not looking for a cure, then consider these cool travel gifts for him or her.

New Luggage Set

A brand spanking new luggage set that screams, "Use me!" is one way to get a new retiree excited about experiencing new places! Luggage sets have certainly come a long way from the floppy fabric box with flimpsy wheels. Many luggage sets now come with nifty 360-wheels and in bright eye-popping colors that will stand out from a sea of black luggage rolling around in the baggage return. So suprise your new retiree with an awesome new luggage set that is simply begging to be brought abroad!

Luggage Tags

Nothing can be worse than losing one's luggage while traveling, so consider getting your newly retired traveler a set of personalized luggage tags! Luggage tags are a simple way to identify ones luggage, but you can also find cool and funky luggage tags that will help the traveler identify their luggage coming off the baggage carousel. So get creative and find a luggage tag that will match your retiree's traveling personality!

Passport Holder / Travel Wallet

Is your new retiree ready to start filling up those empty passport pages? Then consider a nice passport holder to keep his or her passport protected. Aside from passport holders, traveling wallets are a great way to keep all of your traveling documents organized (and in one place!) while trying to traverse new airports and hotels. Sometimes it's the little things that make traveling easier. And it can help to keep the traveler focused on the experience and not on juggling a passport, boarding pass, I.D., etc...

Picnic Baskets

Retirement travel doesn't always mean traveling half-way around the world. Sometimes a little weekend trip to the coast or to visit the grandkids are the best kind of mini-adventures to experience! And what better way to enjoy those lovely days than with a picnic in the great outdoors? A picnic basket is perfect for a trip to the beach, a weekend hiking excursion, or even just to bring along to a concert in the park!

Travel Magazine Subscription

Want to give your adventure loving retiree something new to look forward to every month? Then consider a subscription to some great traveling magazines! What better way to keep up with new sights from all around the world? Now there will be no shortage of ideas on where to go next!

Map Jewelry for Her

Map inspired jewelry is a creative way for a traveler to always keep a piece of her on the go and looking forward to the next trip. Or the jewelry can be just a reminder of all the great trips she has experienced. These inspired jewelry pieces also make a great conversation piece and can perhaps connect her to others who share her love of the land, sea, and air!

Wine Carriers

Will your retiree be enjoying a nice glass of wine at sunset in new places? Or maybe he or she enjoys bringing a select bottle of wine to a favorite restaurant. Whatever the case, a lovely wine carrier can be a great gift for a wine lover! Whether they will be traveling near or far, a special bottle of wine can make every experience even more memorable.

Men's Travel Case

A well-made travel case can be a wonderful retirement travel gift for a man. What better way to start his new traveling adventures than with a new travel case? For some men, a travel case is the last thing on their mind when preparing for a trip, but if he has one, then it will certainly get used! So surprise your newly retired man with a travel case that's itching to be broken in!

Cigar Aficionado Traveling Case

Is your newly minted retiree a cigar aficionado? Then consider these traveling cigar bars or a cool cigar case. They are perfect for traveling and contain everything a cigar lover would need to truly experience a new cigar alone or with friends! This unique travel retirement gift will be the talk of the party!

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are nearly essential for those long plane rides to faraway places! There are a lot of different travel pillow styles nowadays and many deflate and take up very little space, which is great for those light packers. So if your new retiree is gearing up for a multi-stop, multi-hour long trip, then consider getting him or her a travel pillow, a little something to help sleep away those long hours on the plane. And don't forget, travel pillows are also great for long road trips and train rides!

Digital Camera or Camcorder

Give your new retiree a way to capture all of the new memories that he or she will make while trekking around the globe with a cool digital camera or compact camcorder! Whether he or she wants to take professional photos or just film some remarkable views for friends and family at home. A nice camera or camcorder can also be a great travel retirement gift to give as a group.

Cool Travel Accessories

Looking for more unique retirement travel gifts? Then consider some neat travel accessories, like a traveling mini-bar or a survival kit! Whether your retiree is traveling first class to exotic places or traveling by horse to remote places, there are always some cool retirement travel gifts that will be perfect! Here are a few to consider:

Map Inspired Goodies

The world is a retiree's oyster! Let him or her explore it freely! Here are some neat map-inspired gifts that will garner oohhs and aahhs from even the most seasoned travelers! And they will probably make the travel bug contagious to those who are not frequent travelers!

Travel Books for Retirement

These gorgeous coffee table travel books can be perfect eye candy for when a retiree is at home taking a break from traveling. Nothing can be more inspiring than viewing lovely pictures from festivals and magical scenery from around the world. And who knows, your retirement travel book gift may just inspire the next adventure! And if your retiree is a voracious book reader, then consider some more retirement books to give as a retirement gift!

Personalized Tote Bag

Personalized tote bags are great for wandering around a new city or just lounging at the beach or poolside! A tote keeps just about everything in it readily accesible and the space allows for all kinds of goodies to easily be packed. So if you are looking for a personalized retirement gift for a lady on the go, then consider a simple tote bag.

And if you want to get a little more creative, then fill that tote bag up with her favorite things, like favorite snacks, traveling gear, beach goodies, or even a nice gift card to her favorite places to shop! Or consider some other personalized retirement gifts that you can include in her new tote!

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