Teacher Retirement Gifts

Teacher retirement gifts can be a special way to show your favorite teacher, principal, librarian, or even coach how much you have appreciated him or her over the years.

The gift can be a reflection of their chosen career or it can be a gift that reflects their other interests or hobbies. Regardless, any retiring teacher would be thrilled to receive a farewell token of congratulations from their students or peers.

Personalized Tote Bag

Tote bags have a countless number of uses! They can be used for grocery shopping, a day at the beach, a trip to the library, and so much more. So why not surprise your retiring teacher with a cool personalized tote bag that pays tribute to their teaching years? They will love the personalization and will definitely find a way (or a dozen ways!) to put it to use.

Gift Baskets for Her

A gift basket for her can be a really nice way to send off a retiring teacher. This is also the perfect gift that everyone can pitch in together to buy for her. There are a lot of different themed gift baskets so you can be sure to find one that she will love, whether she is a health nut or popcorn loving movie buff!

Gift Baskets for Him

Deliver an awesome retirement gift basket to him at school or even at home! He will love all the goodies packed inside and now that he is retiring, he will have the time to enjoy it! This is also a great gift for a coach or custodian who wouldn't traditionally recieve apple-themed gifts like their teaching co-workers. There will be enough snacks in each of these baskets to keep him happy even after the retirement celebration is over.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Was coffee or tea a constant companion for your retiring teacher? Then why not consider a sweet personalized coffee mug! Now he or she can still enjoy their morning brew (or perhaps late morning brew now that they are retired!) in a special customized mug. It may even become a new favorite mug because it will remind them of how many lives they have touched over their teaching career.

Cool Subject Ties

While your newly retired teacher will probably not wear ties everyday, why not give him a special tie that he can wear for those special occasions that reflect his dedication to his favorite subject? These are cool and low-key ties that any man with a love for math or history would love to sport!

Funny Teacher Books

Your retiring teacher has probably heard every hilarious thing under the sun! But being out of the classroom, he or she may miss those darn things that kids say, so brighten up their retirement days with these funny teacher-themed books. So whenever they are lounging around poolside or having a mid-day picnic in the park, they will always have some classroom humor handy - without having to take any papers home to grade!

Personalized Travel Mug

With more free time on their hands, retired teachers may certainly plan on traveling more, so consider a cute personalized travel mug to accompany them on their new adventures after retirement, whether it's just running errands around town or taking a much anticipated roadtrip across country!

Geeky Gifts for Math or Science Teachers

Are you celebrating the retirement of a beloved math or science teacher? Then consider one of these cool, yet geeky, teacher retirement gifts. It will certainly be a gift that he or she will remember long after their last day on the job!

Gifts for Music Teachers

Is your favorite music teacher retiring? Consider getting him or her a little retirement gift to remember you by. The music will definitely not stop after retirement, so music themed retirement gift can make the perfect gift! If you are familiar with your retiring teacher's favorite tunes, then you might also consider making a special mix CD for him or her or maybe a gift card for some music downloads would make a nice complementary gift!

Gifts for School Nurses

School nurses are often friendly and familiar faces for some kids. And if your own child's school nurse is planning to retire, then you might consider getting him or her a nice little retirement present. They have certainly had their fair share of scraped knees, tummy aches, and runny noses, so show some appreciation and get your child's student nurse a thoughtful retirement gift.

Gifts for Coaches

Whether your favorite coach is retiring for good or just for the season, consider getting a cool retirement gift for him or her. Sometimes coaches are overlooked because seasons quickly come and go, so don't forget your kid's favorite coach, especially if he or she has made a positive impact on your child. A small gift will show them that their work is appreciated and they will surely remember you long after the last game.

Gifts for Librarians

Is your favorite bookworm retiring? Then have him or her go out in style! Many librarians are book lovers outside of their profession, so consider a book themed gift if you aren't sure what would be appropriate. Here are some cool literary gifts that any librarian will surely appreciate.

Personalized Bookmark

A personlized bookmark can be perfect for a retiring librarian or just any teacher who is also a bookworm. Along with a bookmark, you might consider pitching in with others to get him or her a gift card to a local bookstore or there are also some great retirement books that you can give along with the bookmark. For personalizing the gift, you can highlight the year that he or she is retiring or if you have the space, then you might want to think of a nice quote about retirement or even pen your own special message!

Personalized Photo Frame

A personalized picture frame with a picture of your retiring teacher and his or her class or maybe staff picture can be a wonderful and memorable way to say farewell to a favorite teacher. If you don't have any great pictures to fill up the frames, then consider the school logo or nice pictures of the school as placeholder pictures. Your retiring teacher will definitely have his or her own photos that she can easily put into the frames. This can also make a great gift for a principl who is retiring.

Apple Themed Retirement Gifts for Teachers

If you think that your teacher isn't tired of apples yet, then consider an apple-themed retirement gift! An apple is such a cute representation of teaching and can be a wonderful way to honor your retiring teacher or even a retiring principal.

Signature Retirement Gifts

Signature retirement gifts are a way to showcase your special retirement wishes permanently! A lovely picture frame or plate signed by staff members, students, and parents can make a touching teacher retirement gift. If you are hosting a retirement party, then consider setting aside a small table where guests can sign the platter at their leisure, then toward the end of the party you can wrap it up and give it to the new retiree as a final farewell gift.

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