Retirement Gifts for Women

When considering retirement gift ideas for women, you might consider what types of hobbies or interests she has so that you can get something special just for her.

Or you can consider any upcoming events in her life that could help you decide on the perfect gift. For instance, if she is planning to travel extensively now that she has the time, then some fun traveling gear might make a great gift! Or if she is finally going to remodel her home, then a gift certificate to a hardware store may be appropriate.

Regardless, she will love the thoughtfulness of your gift. And you might even consider personalized retirement gifts for women, if you want to customize her present even more.

New Stylish Luggage Set

Does your new retiree already have a passport in one hand and a ticket abroad in the other? Then consider outfitting her with some stylish new luggage. These fashionable pieces will be sure to make her stand out and they'll be a cinch to locate in the baggage claim whether she is coming or going!

Electronic Reader (e-reader)

An electronic reader, like a Kindle or Nook, can be a great retirement gift for a woman who loves to read! These readers are extremely inexpensive nowadays and are perfect for traveling because they are so compact and can store so many books easily. Not only can she download books, but she can also download periodicals and blogs! This little gadget will keep her entertained for hours.

Gift Baskets for Women

A nice gift basket can make a fabulous retirement gift for her. You can even send the gift basket a few days into her retirement to let her know that you are thinking about her. This is also a great gift idea if you don't live nearby and aren't able to attend her retirement party. Browse retirement gift baskets.

Travel Books

Travel books can make great retirement gifts for women, especially if you have an idea of what her traveling plans are. Many newly retired people make travel plans right away, whether it's a cross country road trip or a world-wide escapade. Whatever the case, a retirement present that complements her travel plans would be fantastic. And who knows, your travel book gift may even inspire her next trip! A travel book can make a great accompany gift to other travel retirement gifts.

Flowers or Plants

Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate a retirement! If you know the date and location of her retirement party, then considering sending them straight there. Or you might want to consider getting her a beautiful plant because it will certainly last longer than flowers and she will always remember your thoughtful gift when she goes to care for it.

Pampering Gift Set / Gift Basket

After she retires she will have plenty of time to pamper herself, so consider getting her a lovely gift set or gift basket with all the goodies she will need for giving herself an in-home spa treatment!

Bird Feeder

A beautiful bird feeder can be a wonderful gift to a woman who is already planning to spend her new 9-5 hours outdoors in her garden. There are some bird feeders that are designed for specific types of birds, such as hummingbirds, which could make her garden even more magical. She will love your thoughtfulness and certainly think of you every time she notices a new feathered friend enjoying it!

Retirement Books

Many modern retirement books have great advice on how to do what you love during the best years of your life! These books can help the newly retired make the transition into retirement with a renewed vigor for meaningful work or other interests that are held close to one's heart. So surprise her with a great retirement book that will inspire her in new ways!

Wind Chime

Wind chimes are a lovely addition to any outside deck or balcony, so if your new retired friend will be enjoying her days and evenings outdoors, then consider giving her a pretty wind chime to add to her outdoor decor.

Hobby / Travel Magazines

Fun magazine subscriptions make great retirement gifts because you can find specialized magazines for just about any hobby! If she is into cooking or crafting, then consider those types of specialized magazines. Or if she is going to be traveling a lot during her retirement, then an exciting travel magazine would be perfect!


A hammock is certainly a gift that conjures up pictures of relaxation, vacations, and downright fun! If her retirement plans include a lot of gardening or outdoor activities, then a hammock can be a really great and creative retirement gift idea! Few things are more fun than swaying in the breeze in a hammock without a care in the world.

Crafty Goodies

Does she love sewing or scrapbooking? Then getting her some crafy goodies would be an awesome retirement gift! Many women might put off these types of crafty hobbies because of the time and materials needed to get it all done! So get her started by presenting her with all sorts of fun crafting goodies, she will love it.

Personalized Travel Gear

Travel retirement gifts make a great present for a retiree who has major plans to travel. So if you know that she's already got her first trip booked, then check out some of these cool traveling goodies.

Gardening Tools and Totes

Does she have plans to finally turn her backyard into a thriving garden now that she is retired? Then help make it happen by getting her some fun gardening tools or a cool gardening tote! It would make a great practical retirement gift for her.

Garden Decor

Creative garden decor can be a fun way to celebrate her retirement, especially if she will be spending a lot of time outdoors during her retirement. So if she already has everything she needs, then get her something that she may not need, but would really enjoy!

Robe and Slippers

A cute set of robe and slippers can be a funny retirement gift! But it can also be a gift that she will likely use. Retirement is a great excuse for waking up late and lounging around, something a lot of us haven't done since college! A new robe and pair of slippers can be a fun way to encourage her to relax and take it easy because she's retired now!

Women's Gold Watch

A beautiful gold watch can make a wonderful gift for a newly retired woman. And since a gold watch was somewhat of a retirement gift tradition during a by-gone era, you can creatively revive that olden day tradition by presenting her with a stunning and fashionable gold watch as a way to say, "Congrats!"

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