Retirement Gifts for Men

Retirement gifts for men can be funny, practical, or even personalized to suit his interests! Retirement is a wonderful phase in his life where he can get more involved in his favorite hobbies, or even take up new ones. So consider all of the great things that he has in store when looking for the perfect retirement gift ideas for men.

There are also great personalized retirement gifts for men that you can consider, if you want to get him something a little more unique.

Retirement Gift Baskets for Men

Gift baskets aren't just for women! There are plenty of great retirement gift baskets that any man would love to receive. Gift baskets make an especially great gift if you are not able to attend his retirement party but would still like to congratulate him in a special way.

Unique Watches

A gold watch may not be the best gift for a guy who isn't all that traditional, so here are some unique watches that will definitely stand out among the other retirement gifts. These attractive watches will also make for a great conversation piece and will probably end up being a favorite among his personal watch collection.

Personalized Fishing Gear

Fishing may have been just a weekend hobby for him, but once he is retired he will have plenty of time to spend relaxing at the lake! Consider getting him some fun personalized fishing gear as a tribute to what could be his new full-time "job." Also, there are plenty of other fishing retirement gifts that he would love to recieve that don't need to be personalized, any fisherman would love a subscription to a fishing magazine or a new tackle box as a gift.

Retirement Gifts for Grill Masters

Is your favorite retiree also a gifted grill master? Then here are some great grilling gifts that any barbeque master will love to have in his outdoor cooking arsenal. Whether he wants to make his mark with his own personalized branding tool or if he would prefer a grilling-on-the-go kit - you know your retiree best!

Hobby Magazines

A new magazine each month tailored to his favorite hobbies can make a great retirement gift! There are so many specialized magazines available that you will be sure to find one to fit his interests, whether it's hunting, sailing, or traveling around in his RV!

Modern Twist on a Gold Watch for Retirement

A gorgeous gold watch can make a nice traditional gift for a man who loves watches. Watches can also be engraved to mark this special occasion so that he will always remember when and where he received this gift. A great complementary gift to include with a new watch might be a personalized valet case or travel jewelry holder. Any man who appreciates a nice piece of jewelry will certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Engraved Retirement Gifts

If you are looking for a sentimental gift that will be appreciated long after the final work day, then consider getting a nice engraved gift that has a personalized message or a retirement related quote on it. Aside from the retirement gift ideas below, there are many other engraved retirement gifts that any retiree will appreciated.

Fun Traveling Kits

Is your retiree planning on venturing to new places as soon as he clocks out for the last time? Then some fun traveling kits can make a great gift. Here are some unique traveling gifts that he could certainly use on his international escapades! If you are creative, you might create your own little travel kit for him that includes goodies that he can only appreciate!

Retirement Gag Gifts for Men

Gotta retiree with a sense of humor? Then humor him with some gag retirement gifts! Here are a few ideas that are sure to get a chuckle at his retirement party. Also, check out more funny retirement gifts to get more ideas on some gag gifts for him.

Retirement Gifts for Cigar Lovers

If your new retiree is going to spend some of his free days enjoying a nice cigar, then consider getting a nice cigar related retirement gift for him. There are many accessories that can help to make a cigar experience more memorable, so here are a few gift ideas that you can consider for your cigar loving guy!

New Grill / Smoker

A new grill or smoker can be a cool retirement gift for a guy who enjoys grilling and smoking his favorite cuts of meat. A compact portable grill can be great for a man who is planning on doing a lot of camping, rving, or tailgating now that he is retired. A grill or smoker can be not only a memorable gift, but a practical one.

Outdoor Games

What better way for a retiree to spend a leisurely sunny afternoon than to play some outdoor games? Lawn games are great for any man who loves throwing outdoor parties or going camping or tailgating! It's always great fun to have a nice collection of backyard games, so surprise him with a new game that he doesn't already own.

Home Beer Brewing Kit

If he is a beer connoisseur then he may want to start dabbling in home brewing now that he has more time on his hands. A starter home brewing kit might make a great retirement farewell gift. It will have everything he will need to get started on becoming a brewmaster.

Retirement Books for Men

Retirement books make great retirement gifts for men. They often range from practical advice about transitioning into retirement to finding great ways to make the most of retirement through fun and fulfilling activities. This can be a wonderful way to help him embrace retirement in new ways.

Golf Equipment

Is there is a strong possibility that your newly retired man will be hitting the golf course more frequently? Then consider indulging his favorite pastime with some great golf retirement gifts. He will be estatic to receieve some new golfing gizmos or any other accessories to help his game.


There are few items that represent retirement more clearly than a hammock! This can be a really fun retirement gift for him if he loves spending time in his backyard or outdoor deck. Can't you picture him with a good book in one hand and an ice-cold lemonade in the other swinging leisurely in his new hammock?

Funny Retirement Mugs

Funny retirement mugs make great retirement gifts for men! Especially men who love their coffee! Consider giving him a funny mug along with some gourmet coffee so that he won't miss the free office coffee too much once he's retired. Or you can give it along side other retirement gag gifts.

Rolex Watch

Have your retired man say good-bye to the 9-5 and hello to retirement with a beatiful new Rolex watch. It used to common that a retired employee would receive a gold watch as a retirement gift, so how about bringing back that old tradition for him with a new Rolex? It will definitely be a gift that he'll remember forever.

Note: New Rolex watches can only be purchased through certified brick and morter dealers. But you can find previously owned Rolex watches that have meticulously restored to original factory specifications from online delears at a reduced cost.

Rec Room Games

New rec room games make a wonderful retirement gift idea for men, and would be a great addition to his family den or home bar. If he's always throwing football parties or having friends over, then some new games would be awesome.

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