Retirement Gift Baskets

Retirement gift baskets are a great way to send your message of congrats to the newly retired! You might even want to send it a few days into his or her retirement to let them know that you are thinking about them as they enter this new chapter in their life.

There are so many great specialty gift baskets that you will certainly be able to find one that would be perfect. And if you and your co-workers or family members want to pitch in together, there are plenty of deluxe gift baskets that any person, retired or not, would really enjoy.

Breakfast in Bed Gift Baskets

Now that your guy or gal is retired, they can enjoy breakfast in bed instead of morning meetings - what a trade! So consider a great gift basket that includes everything they will need to create a gourmet breakfast that they can enjoy in their pajamas!

Regional Cuisine Gift Baskets

A person doesn't have to travel far to enjoy the great food of other regions. You can bring the world to their front door by sending some delicious delicacies from other regions. So now an afternoon in Paris or an indulgence evening in Italy doesn't have to be so out of reach.

Wine Gift Baskets

Is your favorite retiree also a wine connoisseur? Then consider spoiling him or her with a fantastic wine gift basket. Not only will they be able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine, but they will also be able to enjoy some great treats that will pair nicely with the wine.

Healthy and Hearty Snacks Gift Baskets

Gift baskets don't all have to be about cookies and chocolates, here are some great healthy gift baskets that any health conscious person would appreciate. These snacks would be perfect for a retiree to bring along on a mid-day picnic in the park or on a roadtrip to visit the grandkids.

Griller's Delight Gift Baskets

A gift basket filled with barbeque sauces, meat rubs, grilling planks, and all the other fixin's required for an outstanding barbeque may a great retirement gift for the dedicated griller in your life. It will allow them to enjoy their BBQ that much more, and they may even invite you over for a celebratory feast!

Delicious Sweets Gift Baskets

Celebrating a retirement can also be a great excuse to indulge in some scrumptious treats! A little chocolate for breakfast never hurt anyone! And your retiree has certainly earned the right to cater to his or her sweet tooth while celebrating their new status as a retiree!

Pampering Gift Baskets

Treat the newly retired man or woman to everything they will need to give themselves and nice in-home spa treatment. What better way to spend the first few days of retirement than pampering one's self?

Coffee and/or Tea Gift Baskets

Coffee or tea lovers will love a retirement gift basket geared toward their favorite beverages! No more watered down office coffee for them! With a gourmet gift basket, they can try new speciality drinks right in the comfort of their own home. Or they might invite you over for a spot of tea during your lunch break!

Movie Night Gift Baskets

Give the new retiree a reason to stay in and bask in the glow of retirement with a fun movie night gift basket! You might even consider getting him or her some funny retirement movies to go along with this great gift basket! Many popcorn themed gift baskets have snacks and goodies that will last well beyond just a double feature, too, so they will be able to enjoy their retirement gift basket for many movie nights to come.

Gardening Gift Baskets

A gardening gift basket is a really fun themed basket that often contains gardening tools and yummy snacks to enjoy when working outside. And some specialty baskets even come with great gardening tools, so they will be certain to remember your special retirement present long after the snacks are gone.

Golf Lover's Gift Basket

How adorable are these golf themed gift baskets? For some, being retired may mean taking daily trips to the golf course and these golf related gift baskets are the perfect way to celebrate the transition from 9-to-5er to full-time golfer! In addition to a great golf themed gift basket, you can also look for your own golf retirement gifts to add to the basket or to give to your favorite golfer separately.

Seafood Lover's Gift Basket

Any new retiree with a love for fishing would be ecstatic to receive a seafood lover's gift basket! Now they will have all sorts of treats to bring with them on their next fishing adventure. So surprise your favorite fisherman or fisherwoman with a gift basket tailored just for them. And aside from the gift basket goodies, you might even want to include some other fun fishing retirement gifts for them.

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