Retirement Gag Gifts

Retirement gag gifts are great for mixing in with more serious and practical retirement gifts. Gag gifts can be anything from funny beach towels to a humorous personalized golf balls or if you can think of a gag gift related to the retiree's career or position, then that will definitely get some laughs at the office retirement party.

Transitioning into retirement can be an emotional time for some people, so funny retirement gifts are a great way to lighten the mood at a farewell party and wish them nothing but fun and laughter as they enter this new chapter in life.

Retirement Survival Kit or Survival Hat

Prepare your new retiree with a retirement survivior kit because we all know that retirement can be scary. How will your retiree know what to do? And when to do it? What if he or she gets bored? This survival kit will have everything a new retiree will need to adjust to the new work, er, non-working schedule.

Funny Retirement Books

Funny retirement books can make a great retirement gift! Not only do these books provide some laughs, they can also put a lot of the stereotypes of retirement to rest! Many offer advice about living a fun and full retirement, which may be just what the new retiree needs! If

Retirement Coffee Mugs

Funny or witty retirement coffee mugs may possibly be the perfect retirement gag gift, especially if he or she was known around the office as the caffeine addict. These funny mugs will have your newly retired guy or gal cracking up and the coffee mug may even become their mug of choice well into their retirement!

Funny Personalized Golf Balls

There are tons of ways that you can personalize golf balls for your new retiree! Who wouldn't want to swing at some golf balls with some of these sayings:

What other funny phrases would be perfect for your golf loving retiree? Or if you really know how happy he is to be leaving his company, then consider printing the company logo on the golf balls! Just make sure that you don't offend anyone with those balls!

Retirement Doormats

Now that your retiree will be spending more time at home, give him or her a doormat that will make them smile whether they are coming or going. Here are some funny retirement doormats that will also get a laugh from their house guests, too.

Funny Beach Towels

Do you have a bonofide beach bum on your hands? Then outfit him or her with these funny beach towels. Now they can retire on the beach in style because who wouldn't want a beach towel that pretty much sums up their retirement? And it can be a great conversation piece for other fellow beach bums they'll meet on their retirement adventures.

Funny Office Related Movies / TV Shows

Now that the new retiree doesn't have to go to the office anymore, he or she will really be able to appreciate some great entertainment that portrays classic office humor. And if the retiree finds himself or herself missing the old 9-to-5 grind, it'll just take a few minutes of watching one of these DVD's to knock them back into reality!

Front Porch Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can make a great gag gift for the newly retired! And it is something that he or she will probably end up loving! Most rocking chairs can be indoor or outdoor chairs, so whether your retired friend is enjoying a cold iced tea on a sunny day or reading a good book by the fire during a cold evening, lounging in a rocking chair is the way to go. Trading in a computer or executive chair for a rocking chair can definitely be a fun way to view the retirement transition.

Funny Personalized Doormats

Here are some silly retirement gifts that will get a chuckle out of everyone. If you have a golf lover or a guy who loves to tinker in his garage, then these cool personalized doormats would make a great gift and one they can actually use! You can even personalize a doormat with the perfect wording to express their new retirement.

Pajamas / Adult Onesies

Is the new retiree trading his or her business suits in for pajamas? Consider some funny pajamas or even a set of new pajamas for every day of the week. Or if you can get an adult onesie, which would be even funnier than just pajamas! If you can't find a good onesie for your retiree, then think about getting him or her a bathrobe or funny boxers because once you're retired, who's there to dress up for?

Metal Detector

For most people, the image of a person using a metal detector usually conjures up images of someone who may have too much time on his or her hands! So if your retiree is already planning on putting in time at the beach, then a metal detector may be the perfect accessory. And who knows, he make find that buried treasure one day!

Anti-Alarm Clock Stuff

Who needs an alarm clock when you're retired? Consider getting some funny anti-clock gifts, like a clock and a rubber mallet because who hasn't dreamt about destroying an alarm clock some mornings? Or a new clock with a note that says "Batteries not required."

Funny Retirement Movies

What better way to enjoy retirement than by watching some funny movies about retirement? There are some really funny movies about retirement, so consider adding them to their movie collection.

Tacky Tropical Threads

Nothing says retired better than some fantastically tacky tropical gear! Give the new retiree some great threads that scream retirement. This can be especially funny if he is she is known for wearing very professional attire - always. Trading in that Brooks Brothers suit for some colorful cotton Hawaiian shirts can be just the thing to do when diving into retirement!

Funny Wall Clocks

Retirement wall clocks are great because they are essentially useless! Who needs to know what time it is when you are retired? These make great gag retirement gifts and your retiree will probably end up displaying one of these clocks in their favorite lounging spots in their home.

TV Trays

Give the retiree a way to watch prime time TV in style! Some new TV trays can make a really funny retirement gift because it would assume that now he or she will spend their lazy retirement days watching the tube. A funny companion gag gift for a TV tray could be a nice box of bon bons or some frozen dinner trays! Or even a giant TV remote control!

Funny T-shirts

Retirement for some may include a lot of lounging around. So consider getting some funny t-shirts for your newly retired man or woman, this way they can broadcast their retirement to all of those still working!


What better way to prepare for retirement than with an outdoor hammock? This can be a great and funny retirement gift because the stereotypical image of retirees is certainly folks who love to just hang out!

Sleeping / Eye Masks

Your new retired friend may have trouble sleeping into noon with the sun constantly trying to wake him or her up! A sleeping / eye mask can be a great gag gift for someone who has no intention of waking up before the sun ever again! There are even wonderful satin and designer eye masks, so that your friend can sleep away the day in luxury.

License Plate / License Plate Frame

A funny license plate or license plate frame will have them zooming around town in style! You can even have a license plate frame personalized to say anything you want! Some funny retirement phrases that are often seen on shirts can also be used for a license plate, like:

What other funny sayings can you think of to write on your retiree's personalized license plate?

Funny Signs

Retired signs can make a great decoration for a retired person's rec room or garage. They will get a kick out of these funny retirement gifts and so will everyone else at the retirement party!

Large Print Puzzle Books

Large print puzzle books are hiliarious! This can be a funny gift for an old-timer and are sure to get a few laughs at the retirement party. It can be especially funny if the new retiree is known for doing crossword or word search puzzles regularly.

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