Retirement Books

Retirement books can make a great gift for any man or woman who will soon be transitioning into retirement. While many retirement books deal with the financial aspects of this new stage in life, there are also great books that tackle other issues, including relationships, marriages, and just making the best of your retirement.

So here are some great books, including funny retirements books, that would make a nice gift for the newly retired.

How to Love Your Retirement

Retirement is a huge transition for anyone. While some folks may be excited about the prospect of ditching the 9-to-5, others may be a little apprehensive about this drastic change. Here are a few good books meant to prep the new retiree on what retirement means to them and offers some advice on how to look forward to the retirement years.

Funny Retirement Books

Funny retirement books are the perfect way to lighten up a new retiree's day! Some soon-to-be retired men and women may view their retirement as a closing chapter in their lives, when really it can be just the point where real living actually begins. So if you know a retiree who might be a little apprehensive about their golden years, then perhaps a little laughter will help. There are plenty of funny retirement gifts that are sure to make their retirement party a great one!

Retirement Books for Women

While both men and women face a lot of the same challenges when facing retirement, here are some great retirement books written with women in mind. Browse additional retirement gifts for women.

Retirement Books for Men

While it's true that most retirement books can be for either gender, here are a couple of books that are more geared toward men that would make great retirement gifts. Browse additional retirement gifts for men.

Retirement and Marriage

Retirement is a major change for husbands and wives, regardless of who is actually retiring. So if your new retiree is facing some major life changes when heading into retirement, you might consider getting a retirement book specifically to help the couple manage their marriage during this new chapter in their lives.

Retirement Books for Dummies and Idiots

Idiot and Dummies guides can be a fun retirement gift for a new retiree. These books, despite their title, really offer great practical advice for any person, regardless of I.Q.

Where to Retire in the U.S.?

Without the constraint of a job, many retirees choose to move to a different town, possibly closer to family or the beach. So if your retiree is in limbo about where exactly to plant their new roots, then you might consider a book that covers the best places to retire in America.

Where to Retire Abroad?

Retirement overseas is becoming more and more common and if your retiree is contemplating the expat life in a tropical paradise or remote little town in a developing nation, then you might surprise him or her with a book dedicated for those who want to spend their retirement abroad. They will love your thoughtfulness and might even glean some great information for their new retirement adventures!

Retirement and Travel Books

There are a few things better than being able to travel during one's retirement, so if your newly minted retiree has plans to do just that, then consider some cool traveling books for him or her. Gorgoeus scenic routes, remote beaches, beautiful national parks, and everything in-between is ripe and ready for your retiree to explore. Travel retirement gifts are perfect for any new retiree who has their bags packed and is ready to go!

The Semi-Retirement or Working Retirement

To some, retirement doesn't really mean the end of working. Some retirees choose to find a great part-time job that lines up with their passions; others might finally start that small business they had been dreaming about for years. So if you suspect that your retiree may not be tossing out the alarm clock for good, then consider some of these great semi-retirement books.

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