Engraved Retirement Gifts

Engraved retirement gifts are a special way to pay tribute to a new retiree. There are lots of companies that do on-site engraving for new items, but there are also independent engravers that can personalize any number of items that you have in mind.

For instance, if you have a special item that your retiree has become attached to over his or her working years, such as a favorite pen or briefcase, then you might choose to inquire with a local engraver whether or not the item can be engraved. This is a great route to go if you have a very specific item in mind.

Otherwise, there are a countless number of cool retirement gifts that can be engraved or personalized to your liking, anything from the traditional gold watch to a beautiful crystal vase. You might engrave the present with the dates of his or her employment, or keep it simple and engraved the retiree's name or initials on the gift. If there's room to get creative, then consider a special quote on retirement or a funny saying.

Engraved Plaque / Award

A beautifully engraved plaque is a very distinguished way to show your appreciation and thanks for a job well done. Many plaques can be customized to reflect your own special message or a relevant quote that captures your thoughts and feelings about the retirement. A plaque is also a wonderful gift because the newly retired can place it in a special place in their home and always know that their work was not in vain but deeply appreciated.

Engraved Picture Frame

A classy engraved picture frame can be a wonderful gift for a fellow co-worker or friend, especially if you have a special photo of you and the retiree that you can include within the frame. Or you might consider getting a group shot of your retiree's favorite co-workers and place that in the frame as a surprise. By adding a nice photograph, you can really make this engraved retirement gift personal, especially because you are able to include your own messsage of congrats!

Engraved Money Clip

Your new retiree worked hard for his money, so why not give them an engraved retirement present for keeping his money organized. These money clips can make a great personalized gift. You might engrave it with his dates of employment or just keep it simple with his monogrammed initials. Either way, an engraved money clip is a nice and simple gift that he will definitely appreciate.

Engraved Pocket Watch

Some people may remember when a gold watch was the traditional retirement gift and while things have changed, a nice pocket watch is still considered a great retirement gift idea. A pocket watch can be finished with gold to pay an homage to the old notion of a gold watch for a retirement gift, but there are also great modern finishes, such as gunmetal or a two-toned finish. Regardless, any retiree would be honored to receive such a lovely gift, especially if you take the time to engrave the watch with a special message.

Engraved Crystal Serving Platter

An engraved crystal serving platter can make a great retirement present. It is a creative way to congratulation the new retiree, especially if they love to entertain! And if you are attending a retirement party at their home, then they will definitely love the platter and chances are they will be using it at their next get together, or at least have it displayed in their China cabinet as a constant reminder of your awesome gift.

Engraved Desk / Mantle Clock

An engraved desk or mantle clock will make a really nice and practical retirement gift. A simple retirement message, or highlighting the dates of the retiree's employment can be just enough to make this gift extra special.

Engravable Dog Tags

Engraved dog tags make a great gift for a retiring military man or woman. There's enough space on thsese tags to write out a retirement sentiment for the retiree. Some dog tags are purchased for their style and not for their engraving possibilities, so if you have a dog tag in mind that does not come with engraving, then consider contacting a local engraver to make sure you can get the item engraved and what the price would be for the engraving.

Engraved Glassware / Crystal

Engraved glasssware or crystal can make a great gift for a retiring person who enjoys entertaining. So if you feel that your retiree is not the type of person who would want a gold watch or piece of jewelry, but would appreciate something beautiful for his or her home instead, then consider an engraved gift that they can use and cherish well into retirement.

Engraved Travel Watches / Clocks

An engraved travel watch or clock can be the perfect little retirement present for retirees who plan on spending their free time traveling - whether they are planning traveling far and wide or just over to the next town to visit the grandkids. A traveling watch is a great little item to have on hand and a short retirement sentiment can make it a gift that they will not want to be without when they're away from home.

Engraved Travel Coffee Mug

While the new retiree will get to avoid the morning and afternoon commutes, that doesn't mean he or she won't need a daily dose of caffeine on the go! These engravable coffee mugs are great for a retiring co-worker who is known for his or her caffeine addiction.

Engraved Golf Gifts

If your retiree loves the game of golf, then consider an engraved retirement gift that honors both his love of the sport and his new retirement status! Here are some excellent engraved golf gifts that he or she will absolutely love! Along with an engraved gift, you might consider some other fun golf retirement gifts that he or she might like as well, like a personalized golf towel or even a new golf gadget.

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